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A unique, dynamic, evolutive and qualified system to notify all your alarms and other events. Intelligent. Universal. Integrated.


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Automation projects

20 years’ of experience and proven track record in automation and supervision. Thorough and efficient approach of validated product systems.


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The new generation in Environmental Monitoring Systems. Powerful. Connected. Intelligent. Qualified and easily configurable solution, integrated into your current system.

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About us

Experts in real-time

production data management

BiiON’s expertise in real-time production data management is based on more than 20 years’ of successful data management experiences and the multidisciplinary skills of an integrated team comprising 50 domain experts.

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Latest news

A3P - La Vague N°50 - News Release Special IT Automation - Focus on Biocloud 4.0

Discover the news release from Anne Cassart (Sales Director) published in N°50 of La Vague (A3P) :


"BioCloud 4.0 :A patient-centric global IT solution of the new generation, designed for biotech organizations."

Article by Anne Cassart (Sales Director) and Pierre KAYENBERGH (R&D Director - BiiON)

Biocloud 4.0 on page 43 of La Vague N°50 (download)

Oct 07 2016
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