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Experts in real-time production data management 

Biion’s expertise in real-time production data management is based on more than 20 years’ of successful data management experiences and the multidisciplinary skills of an integrated team comprising 50 domain experts.

In 2014, Biion has joined the Sapristic group.  This combination of complementary skills and specializations is consistent with a positive dynamic to sustain and accelerate the development of BiiON’s acitivities, more in specific through major investments in research and development.

Biion positions itself as an excellent partner within the area of data production management and aims leadership in its target markets.  The company builds its future on a thorough and systematic approach that is applied to all the industries using controlled production environments, and on its solid knowledge of the business areas of the Life Sciences industry.

Biion has a strong presence in Europe and assists its clients worldwide.

Find out more about the Biion contribution to the Sapristic group.

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